What happens at the meeting?

After greeting each other and grabbing a cuppa.  We sit together and talk.  Each person has a chance to speak about what ever they wish.  If you do not wish to speak, then this is also ok.  What ever is shared within the meeting is not to be spoken outside of the group.

What do you talk about in the meeting?

You can speak about anything you like.  Examples; How your month has been, moments that have happened, things that have made you happy or upset, memories of your child, how your family is doing.  There is no set subject.  

Sharing your thoughts and feelings can bring others in the group comfort also.  However you do not have to speak about anything if you do not want to.  Everyone grieves differently.  So it is important that in the meeting we respect each other with compassion.  

Is it ok to talk about spiritual or religious beliefs at the meeting?

Yes.  This can be an important part of many peoples life.  It is fine to express this if you wish.  Respecting each other with compassion helps support the meeting.  So understanding and respecting others whose beliefs may differ from our own is also important.

Is the group only for new bereaved parents?

No.  All bereaved parents are welcome to attend the meeting.

Is it only for bereaved Parents whom have lost a young child?

No.  It does not matter how old your child was when they died.  All parents are welcome.  

I am not sure if I am ready to join the group. When is the best time to join?

People grieve differently.  There is no right or wrong time to join the group.  You are welcome to come to the group to see if it helps you.  There is no pressure on you to keep coming.  If you come and feel that you are not ready.  You are always welcome to join the group later on when ever you feel ready.

Do I need to come every month?

No.  It is understandable that people cannot come every month as life can get busy.  Also sometimes you may just not feel like it and other times you do.  

What will I get out of coming to the group?


The group offers you understanding, ideas for managing grief, friendship and hope from other bereaved parents.  As we share and interact with each other it brings comfort to know that there are others who understand.