Hayley Austin-Howe | 12/05/2013

I started with compassionate friends back 2001 when my daughter Lucy got runover in a tragic accident in Lake Brunner by a boat trailer she was 16mths old, this group was grt to go to each month when feeling were so raw, but it certainly made you feel like you were never alone and your feelings were normal. I have not been for a long time time as my marriage has since broken up and i have my son Sam on a Saturday and so it make it bit hard but would certainly luv to be part of this group luv to beable to help others who are in the early stages of grief to lend them some help and support as its not an easy road i must say. Love you Lucy Goose xxxx

First time meeting the group

Mere | 07/05/2013

Last month was my first time to be a part of the bereaved parents group. All the people are very warm and welcoming. It was comforting to know that there are others whom have felt the same way that I have felt during my time in grief.

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